Just have a go!

Nearly 10 years ago I got a sewing machine from my Mum for my birthday. I had a go at making a few things, a dress for my then 1 year old daughter, a cushion cover or two, some drawstring bags.

Since that time another couple of children have been added to the clan and apart from hemming curtains or taking up trousers, my sewing machine has been gathering dust in the cupboard. 

Thanks to some inspirational sewing friends and some amazing online blogs, I’ve decided to give it all another go.  The birth of the online tutorial has totally changed how I feel about attempting some new projects, especially those for written for beginners which cut through all the sewing jargon!

It feels quite scary to go to the strange world of the sewing shop and choose fabric and other things, but I’ve realised that you just have to dive in and have a go! I’ve been really surprised by what I’ve been able to do and it not look like a dogs dinner!

I’ve put up some pictures of my first few projects, I especially love my applique birds, which I managed to do today WITH my 4 year old milling around at the same time.