Here is the mini skateboard roll I’ve made for Thom to go with his bag. I used a crayon roll tutorial ( and changed the button and elastic fastening to velcro. Space for Thom’s ever expanding collection of fingerboards.


After I made ollie’s car wrap last week, Thom asked if I could make something for him. I found a great little messenger bag tutorial (  Here is the result. I made a few adjustments to the pattern like making the strap a bit wider and using wadding instead of fleece. Also I added some pockets inside. He loves it and has now commissioned me to make a finger board wrap for his mini-skateboards. Watch this space!

After the success of my first bag I thought I’d make another, but with a different fabric. I wanted more wintery look, so i chose this grey pinstripe wool/flannel. I went for a contrasting polka dot lining, which I really like. I was going to go for a plain grey or black lining but the advice of the lady at the very brilliant Polsloe Bridge fabric shop was spot on (pardon the pun!). I decided to do another version of the appliqué birds I did on my cushion for the outside. I am really pleased with it! Here’s the pattern

The tutorial I used didn’t have a handle opening. As I don’t have a permanent sewing machine home, this seemed essential to help with moving it around. Thankfully after a bit of searching I found instructions for how to make the handle hole ( Pretty pleased, though I did finish it off after a day at crealy with the kids, so my concentration wasn’t the best!