Since starting my new sewing hobby I’ve been looking out for fabric in the charity shops. A few weeks ago I found a really nice lilac gingham duvet cover, which has been useful for all kinds of seeing projects. Yesterday I found this. It’s a knit fabric and reminds me of the skirts suits my granny used to wear. It is very retro and rather synthetic, so no idea what I’ll be able to make with it.

Also this weekend I made a dress for the ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ project. This is a really lovely idea, dresses for girls who need them. More info about the UK project here. Pattern here I will definitely be making more of these!

I’m all set for spring! Fed up with my sunglasses case always opening itself in my bag I decided to make one. I was inspired by some lovely Riley Blake flannel which I bought this week. I feel like a proper sewer now that I can name-drop fabric designers!

This week I embarked on a new little sewing adventure – pattern testing! This skirt for Ellen is the result. It’s the first piece of clothing I’ve made, I even learnt to do ruffles which if you use Pinterest you’ll know is all the rage. (although some of my ruffles were more like bunches!) The pattern can be bought here

This weekend I made another two messenger bags from this tutorial: (same as Thom’s – middle one in the photo). For some reason my sewing just didn’t flow, I kept making silly mistakes, which took ages to rectify (keeping an eye on the instructions may have helped!). Ellen and Ollie are really pleased with them, but three was definitely enough, time to move on to something new!!