On Pinterest I have a board called ‘One day I might make a quilt’, where I’ve been pinning ideas and inspiration for quilt making. I’ve never really been into the idea of quilting – it had a bit of a mumsy all-American image, but I’ve found some amazing photos of beautiful and very modern quilts online.

So finally I thought, rather than just wondering about making one I’d have a go. I’ve been looking for and buying all the things I need for it for about a month. Yesterday my 1/4” seam foot for my machine arrived – so I started. It is a very simple strip quilt – but I am really loving seeing it coming together so quickly.

This is about two thirds of the quilt top so far. The only thing I’m not sure about is the big block of pink at the top – but if I’ve been sewing my strips in the right order, there should be one to balance it out at the other end.

Essentially I am making a giant mug rug!