I have finished my first quilt!  I’m really pleased with it and so happy with al the colours I picked. I bought my fabric from M is for Make and they were really helpful in helping me choose a bundle of co-ordinating fabric and cutting it the width that I needed. (It was one of their limited edition bundles which was on offer and came with free delivery).  The quilt lay-out came from a tutorial  – though I didn’t stick to instructions very well because I decided to bind the quilt with different fabric rather than using the backing. This came about because my backing fabric wasn’t wide enough, but I think it worked out better in the end. I really love the grey. This was a very simple quilt to make – just long strips cut in different widths and sewn together. It took a long time to gather all the stuff I needed for it though, from choosing the fabric, the batting in the middle, getting the correct feet for my sewing machine.  Now I am all set up for quilt making I am itching to have another go – this time something more challenging I think!