So my duvet cover became a skirt!   It is a wrap-around reversible skirt from this tutorial. Though to be honest I did struggle a bit with the instructions, as there wasn’t quite enough detail for me. For example, the back panels should have been cut out to be mirror images of each other rather than identical (which wasn’t explained in the tutorial) This meant when they were placed right sides together to sew up, the panels didn’t match exactly. When I realised this, I nearly gave up but I carried on and bodged my way through.  I also changed the ribbon on the tie for a fabric waistband, which I made out of the inside contrasting fabric. I quite enjoyed doing this last bit, as it was just me working out what to do next rather than having to keep going back to look at instructions. I guess that’s what comes with a bit of sewing experience!  It’s not perfect – but I’m rather pleased with it.