It is nearly the end of term, so the inevitable head scratching begins over teacher gifts.

Ellen and Thom both had two teachers this year, plus a student teacher in Thom’s class, so I wanted something affordable and easy to make as there are so many to do! I’d seen lots of fabric bookmarks on various blogs and thought it was a lovely idea.

The fabric was from a stack of 5” squares I bought from Frumble. I hadn’t got round to using them. Pairing them up for these bookmarks worked really well.

I didn’t really need a tutorial for this but it was a good starting point. I actaully used 4 layers of interfacing to get them stiff enough. The tags at the bottom are from our local Scrap Store and are misprinted name tapes – quite apt for teacher gifts I thought!


I made two pairs of these as wedding gifts. They started out as square but I thought they were too wide, so I took a plate to them and made them this shape instead. Similar to the pot holders I made a while back. I used a new heatproof batting in these, which worked better than lots of layers of cotton batting as I’d done before. I was really pleased with how they turned out, I just hope they are as practical as they are good looking!

Today I went with Mary Emmens (and our little helpers) to visit Proper Job recycling centre near Chagford in the depths of Devon. (We knew it was the depths of Devon after about 20 minutes lost in the lanes!) it’s a fab place.

I found the things in the picture above in the bric-a-brac room – an Aladdin’s cave of crockery, kitchen and glassware, (I loved it in there!) and an armful of paperbacks from the book room. Mary and I were both impressed with the range and quality of books on offer. Tons of great kids books too.

Mary got a couple of vintage sheets and I got some fabric scraps from the textile room. Lastly I was very pleased to find a jacket to wear to a wedding this weekend, plus a couple of other nice tops in the ladieswear room.

Actually typing this now, I’m already looking forward to going back, perhaps without a child who needs a wee and without getting lost!