Christmas sewing

Sewing again! I haven’t made anything since the middle of July and was starting wonder if I’d ever get my sewing mojo back!

A few reasons really. The kids have been off school and we’ve been away a lot. My sewing stuff has been piled in a heap in the corner of the room while my husband’s new office got built (think posh garden shed) and sadly a package of fabric I ordered from America never arrived. All these things have conspired to make me feel rather grrrr and blah about creating anything.

Now I am all moved into my new sewing space (husband’s old office) my machine is out, fabric stacked on the shelves and I’ve started on a few projects I’ve had in mind for Christmas (yes Christmas!) gifts.

Still feeling rather mournful about my lost fabric I decided the best way to start was with some scraps projects, which didn’t involve spending, buying, using any proper fabric.

I can’t show you’ve what I’ve made as that would spoil someone’s Christmas gift, so there is a close up shot above.

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