Vintage Fabric Finds


I’ve joined the UK and Ireland Vintage Fat Quarter Swap – if you have no idea what that is then you aren’t far behind me!  My friend Mary Emmens is coordinating the swap.  We all send her fat quarters (1/4 of a metre squares) of fabric we want to swap and she redistributes it, so we all get a wonderful new selection of vintage fabric.

I’ve been scouring the charity shops for the last couple of weeks trying to find some more fabric i can send off for the swap.  I came across a fabulous funky floral sheet this week. It’s HUGE and lovely colours. It says ‘Made in Canada’ on the very faded label. The week before found the this green floral.  I’m also going to enter a couple of other fabrics I’ve had lying around. The rest of the pretty floral duvet cover I used to make my reversible skirt back in the summer and the orange and brown caravan curtain material I attempted to sew with a while back. This one needs looking at to see if it’s up to the grade, I don’t want anyone to get anything awful and worn out that they can’t sew with, even if it is a great print!

I can’t wait to see what I get back, it will be great to have a whole new selection of fabrics I may not have otherwise found. There are lots of lovely ones appearing on the flickr group 

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