Pleated Tote Bag

Hmmmm yes, another bag….well I just couldn’t resist!  I’ve been enjoying the long lazy days between Christmas and New Year and finally finding time to sew something for me after making all those Christmas presents.

I had a big stash of fabric arrive from America about a month ago and in it was this lovely blue and grey leaf print. Then I saw t his Pleated Tote tutorial pop up and I knew the two would be a great match. It was lovely to make and very easy, although the PDF isn’t hugely detailed, so I was glad i have a bit of bag making knowledge up my sleeve now.

On that note I’m almost at my anniversary of one year of sewing.  I may have to do a little celebratory round-up!

photo (14)


Tackling Zips!

A while ago I attempted to sew some zipped pencil cases. They worked out ok but I was rather baffled by the whole process and rather scared of getting back on the zip wagon (!)
So my friend Mary, (who pretty much gets a mention every time I post on here) offered to give me a wee tutorial.

We had a nice morning sewing and chatting, I paid her in wine and left feeling much happier about my zip skills.

As time has crept by I’ve been aware of the need to have another go to reinforce what she showed me. So yesterday I did.

As predicted I had forgotten quite a few things. Luckily I found a good tutorial which was petty similar to what Mary showed me. I would have found it really hard with just photos and text, so the combination of the two worked well.

These are such lovely (and useful) things to make, so I really need to keep perfecting those tricky zip ends!


Secret Sewing

I haven’t posted anything for ages about my sewing projects because I’ve been doing lots of secret Christmas sewing over the last few months. Now that all the presents have been sent, opened (and hopefully enjoyed),  I thought I’d share some of my projects. It was really nice to be able to give handmade gifts this year. There were lots more I planned to do but time got away from me, I may need to start sewing now for next year!

Here’s a list of the tutorials I used from left to right.

Fat quarter tote; Fabric belts; pot stand; lanyards/key loops; glasses case ; kindle cover, key loops

The fabric storage bucket idea was from a friend of mine but you can find lots of similar ones on Pinterest like this one which uses the legs of old jeans.

Christmas sewing