A Finish

It’s done! What a nice mini-project it’s been. My second ever quilt. Quite little but more complex than my first one.
I’m really pleased with it and I hope it’s recipient will have many happy snoozes under it!


Thanks to Mary for backing and binding advice. It think it works perfectly!
Now back to my comparatively HUGE seaside quilt. There may be a new bag in the pipeline too!

Really Quite Quilted

My cute little baby quilt is, well …..quilted!
It was lovely to do; the minute I started sewing along those zig zags it seemed to come alive. No longer just three layers of fabric pinned together on top of each other but something with substance, cosy and comforting on my lap.

Just the binding to do tomorrow.


Birthday Sewing

On Sunday my eldest and only girl turns 10. This big birthday keeps leaving me open mouthed and wondering how this has happened! Needless to say I am ever so proud to have such a fabulous daughter. She is a wonderful antidote to her boisterous younger brothers!

Shopping for her this year has been so much fun. Her wish list included all kinds of lovely creative things. She’s also recently entered the Junior Bake-Off. With this in mind i decided to make her an apron in case she gets an audition.

I’ve had a really nice day sewing this for her. Its reversible and possibly a little on the large size but I love it. She had already commented on how much she liked the fabric when she saw it sitting in my desk. I will add a photo if her wearing it on Sunday



Vintage Lovelies

I’ve had a couple of nice vintage charity shop finds recently. The first was this eiderdown. It has a gorgeous vintage cotton floral top and that lovely snaggy fluffy nylon backing. I have got rid of the moth ball smell and now it’s in our living room for cosying up under to watch the TV. I just love it! It takes me back to being 6 and staying at my granny’s house.

Yesterday whilst going to the post office, I couldn’t resist popping into a couple of charity shops ‘just in case’. I found this; a knitted shawl. I can’t say that I’ll ever wear it but the colours are so lovely and it’s price so reasonable, I just couldn’t leave it behind! At the moment it is draped over the arm of the sofa. I can sense my husband starting to wonder what I will bring home next! I love these little finds, I wonder where they came from and who else has loved and cherished them over the years.


Home and sewing

This little blog of mine has been rather neglected. We’ve been off seeing the world and I’ve been 11,000 miles away from my sewing machine. I really enjoyed keeping our travel blog updated while we visited New Zealand and was surprised and touched to find out how many people were reading it.

So, since we got back I’ve been reacquainting myself with my sewing projects. I’ve been continuing sewing the blocks together for my seaside quilt.

I’m nearly finished and soon will be onto the really nice bit, which is arranging them all into a quilt top.

I hope to have a more finished photo soon. I’ve got a bit distracted and made this in the meantime….


It’s a baby quilt for a gift.
I chose some fabric for it before we left and had a rough idea what I wanted to do. I’m really pleased with it, especially as I haven’t followed a pattern or tutorial for it. I found a few pictures on Pinterest, then just worked out what to do. As the rectangles are quite small I’ve mostly used fabric from what I already had.

Next i need to make the binding and order the batting/wadding for the middle.

One of my post holiday resolutions was to try to make more time for sewing and i did for the first week, then life has slowly caught up!