It’s All Gone a Bit Wonky

Sewing isn’t all triumph and beauty. It can all get a bit frustrating and demoralising too. Determined not to only share the good bits; here are my wonky seams.

After a few of these I thought I should measure my quilt blocks (which are made up of different combinations of fabric) and they are all different sizes!!! which means they will never all line up neatly.The solids are 8.5″ but the strips and small squares are only 8″. What have i done wrong? Was it my cutting? the pattern? (probably not) my seam allowances?
I’m baffled, annoyed and feel like giving up……
On the bright side there are a few perfect joins.


8 thoughts on “It’s All Gone a Bit Wonky

    • I don’t think so because I still cut all pieces to the sizes as per the pattern. I assumed when I sewed them together they would be the same size as the ‘solid’ squares but they aren’t. I struggled away for a few rows not knowing why there were all a bit off. Then there were a few really off, so I decided to investigate. Do I unpick the whole thing?! 😦

  1. Ok, I’ve done a bit of unpicking and trimmed some of the offending blocks. It looks much better. I still dont know why they were too big – or the other ones ended up too small – which is more frustrating than it not being perfect.

  2. Hi! First of all, your fabrics are GORGEOUS!! Is this the Seaside quilt? Because it looks like the same fabric. I’m right with you that not being able to figure out where you went wrong is so much more frustrating that messing up in the first place. I know this comment is a little late since you said you’ve already done some picking and fixing, but… My first thought was that if this affects a lot of the blocks, then maybe I would pick out the rows and shift them slightly so that there are no joints to match up. That way it won’t be noticeable that the blocks are different sizes and even if it is, it will look you did it on purpose. Position a row or two like that to see if you like it before you started sewing though. I like quilts that aren’t lined up buy you may not. Good luck!! -Jamie

    • Hi Jamie. Thanks for the message. I’ve started checking the rows now before i sew, so if any are too big I only have unpick one small bit and trim that block down. I have a bad habit of ploughing ahead and then realising these things too late. All comes with experience I guess!

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