….and breathe!

I am very happy to say I have finished (conquered) my seaside quilt top.

Phew, that was tough!

I’ve been reflecting lots on this.  what went wrong? and when did it go wrong?  Merrily sewing rows of blocks together started off fine, then they started not lining up – then REALLY not lining up. So I stopped and realised I had some huge discrepancies in size. Different size squares are never going to sit together in a nice neat grid.

I did some unpicking and re-sewing, which then lead to more problems. Re-size one block then you have to do it to the next one too – and on and on.

My frustration growing by the hour. I unpicked and re-sewed one row three times I think trying to get it right (these are long rows – think double bed). As I went a long I eventually worked out the best way to rectify the problem and by the last two rows I had it sussed.

So what have I learnt? (said in tone of disgruntled child)…..

  • Check before you pin, then check before you sew, then check again just before it goes under the needle!
  • I assumed (naively) that all my cutting and sewing would result in perfect 8.5 x 8.5″ blocks and didn’t think to measure them.
  • I could possibly blame my tools – is my 1/4″ sewing foot actually 1/4″?
  • My cutting could do with being more accurate!

I am also very happy to say that my backing fabric is the right size – another phew! I worked out and ordered what I thought would be enough before I started the quilt. I had everything crossed that this would still be the case – and it was!

Instead of a photo, imagine me with a big smile!

Now I’m off for a run to burn off all my nervous energy.

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