A Sewing Getaway

In 3 weeks time I am heading off on a little sewing adventure. Inspired by Mary’s tales of her visit to the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London last year, I duly signed up for this years instalment.

I’m travelling up with Mary and new local sewing friends Susy and Emily.

So to introduce myself, I’m Jo, from Devon. I’ve been sewing for just over a year, with pretty much no previous experience.


It’s fair to say I’ve sewn everything in sight since I got aquatinted with my machine. Numerous bags a few quilts and lots of other fun stuff. I love it!

Apart from meeting lots of great people from the blogging world. I am really looking forward to learning some new things at the retreat. I know I’m doing Lucie Summer’s portholes class and Kerry’s fantasy fabric shop off the top of my head.

I’m looking forward to reading all about the rest of you!

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