Seaside Time

I’m very happy to say my seaside quilt is finished! It looks lovely and I’m so pleased with it.

It’s my first proper big quilt and its now on our bed. It will come camping with us in a few weeks too. Lets hope the sun is still shining then!

I tried out some curvy quilting on this one, which I loved doing. I quickly learnt that those seemingly crazy people you see on YouTube wearing rubber gloves are right! An inside out pair of marigold washing up gloves works a treat. Here’s a photo of me trying to fit a double quilt though my machines tiny throat plate.

The curving quilting idea cane from this blog post by Katy. So simple but so effective and it really helps break up all the starlight lines of the fabric.

I finished the quilting a few weeks ago and wanted to wait and savour the finishing off moment.

That moment wasn’t quite what I pictured as the school day whizzed by and I was left with one (long) side which wasn’t quite right and no time to fix it.
So I duly unpicked it and waited again to have time to finish it. I’m glad I did. Wonky binding would have always annoyed me!

Here it is and the end of the seaside quilt chapter.




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