Hands-free Summer

I am rather partial to a new bag and as the summer holidays drew closer I realised that my favourite shoulder bags will be just plain annoying when trying to heard children around.

So I’ve had a plan (for a while) to make this fab cross-the-body bag by Noodlehead. Now this got a bit waylaid by my quilt making (and life in general). In the meantime Mary and Susy made their own versions. Being a competitive sort, this of course spurred me on!

Today after a trip to the fabric shop to buy a zip (and a visit to Mary to scrounge the strap buckle) it’s done.

I finished it minutes before I had to leave for the school pick-up. Anyone with children will know that as soon as they get home you can kiss goodbye to the idea of finishing anything!

Here it is in the very photogenic apple tree.




4 thoughts on “Hands-free Summer

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