Sewing Unplugged

While I was at the Fat Quarterly retreat in London a few weeks ago, I sat with a lady called Susan from New Zealand. We were between classes and as I had nothing to do she gave me a quick lesson in English Paper Piecing.

This is the type of ‘old fashioned’ patchwork that my mum used to do. In fact she spent a large part of my childhood sewing fabric around cardboard hexagons. A while ago she gave me what remains of her collection. 20130802-131723.jpgLast week I combined my newfound skill, these hand me down hexagons and a camping trip.

It was very satisfying sitting hand sewing and helped me not go too stir crazy on the couple of rainy days that we had. 20130802-133655.jpgI’ve now got theses nice little flowers (I’m sure there is a more technical term for them), which I plan to make into something for my mums birthday in September. I’m also itching to start creating some of my own hexies during the rest of the summer holidays. 20130802-133128.jpg

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