My Space

Today, a little tour round my sewing corner.

20130814-110723.jpgThis used to be my husbands office and is still my office and our spare room (and general dumping ground!). Last summer my husband who works from home, had a posh shed/office built in the garden. So without delay I moved my machine onto the empty desk. I have slowly filled the shelves with fabric (not difficult).

20130814-110833.jpg Vintage fabrics and sheets, quilting cottons below (with a slight lean to the left!)

Although having a dedicated sewing space might seem like the holy grail, my space has its pros and cons.

Of course it is wonderful not to have to clear everything off the dining room table for each meal or have all my fabric stacked in plastic boxes on the floor. The cons are that it’s a small room. Add in ironing board and cutting mat in the floor and I’m pretty squashed.

As it is upstairs, it means I have to take myself away from the family if I want to sew. Don’t get me wrong, escaping from the melee is often needed but there is something nice about sewing in one room while the rest of the family are just next door and not abandoning your husband to watch tv in his own in the evening.

Do you have a dedicated sewing space.? How does it work for you?

20130814-111015.jpg Some childhood photos and other pretty things.

One thought on “My Space

  1. Hi – I have also just purchased the brother 350SE – I was wondering if you got ALL the feet listed in the instruction book as I didn’t get 11 – 14 although they are not marked as “available separately” etc.
    I also LOVE my new machine.
    Great blog, thanks

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