Last sunday I got to go to the amazing Festival of Quilts in Birmingham with the lovely Mary, Emily and Susy (thanks again driver Emily!) we had a really fun day, though I’m quite ashamed to say that we didn’t actually start looking round the quilt exhibition until an hour before the end if the show (oooops). The quilts were amazing!

So, yes, we shopped and chatted and chatted and shopped. Mary was has an invaluable eye for a bargain.

During all this shopping I noticed Mary and Emily pulling out rather nice wallets from their (equally nice) bags. Mary had only just whipped hers up the night before. Then I spotted a piece of laminate in the sale box at The Eternal maker stand – a plan was hatched!

This was my first time sewing with laminate. It’s not as tricky as expected but you have to remember; you can’t pin it or iron it and if you make a mistake those needle holes are there for good.

My bit of laminate was only just big enough. It was a fiddly ‘mofo’ to make (no idea how Mary did hers in an evening!) and oh my sewing would go so much more smoothly if I read in instructions properly! Why does sewing seem to take me back to my school reports!?

I’m very pleased with the finished results. I did have visions of a mangled mess at some points. Here’s the link to the tutorial if you fancy giving it a go (not that I’ve really sold it!)



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