Stillness isn’t something often found in my life (apart from when I’m asleep). I’m not good at doing nothing – I’m writing this in the checkout que at the supermarket.  Convenient as it is to have everything at our finger tips , I’m not sure  – well, I KNOW it doesn’t help with the frantic pace of life.

This weekend my husband and I went on a retreat. The focus was on stillness, meditation and yoga. There was also a lot of good food, good company in wonderful surroundings.



I really enjoyed finding some calm and thinking about how to carve out still-spaces each day. Stillness doesn’t need to be silence, nor does it need to be motionless. I could be enjoying some stillness here in the checkout que. Taking some deep breaths, standing a little taller, feeling a little calmer. Remembering what’s important and perhaps becoming more patient and generous as a result. I’m not sure that will happen all the time but it’s good to make some small steps.
Of course there is a little sewing story in here too. A lovely lady called Helen lent us a yoga mat for the weekend and before I took it back I gave it a bit of a make over.


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