Sewing up my Christmas List

The Christmas countdown seems to be in full swing in the shops. Which always makes me panic and want to get organised (unless you are my husband who will waits until 20th December). I feel pleased with myself this year for getting started early for once.

Last weekend I made the Christmas pudding and cake and had enough fruit left to make mincemeat too. Can’t wait to have my first mince pie made with it (but definitely not in October!).

So I’m feeling a bit less panicked. I’ve written some lists, we’ve negotiated with the family where we are spending Christmas Day AND I’ve done some sewing.

In my quest to conquer the ever-tricky zip pouch I decided that’s what everyone in my family is getting this year. I’ve made 3 and I have 4 more to go. I may do more if I don’t get too bored with them.

Each one I make I refine the process a bit more. Understand what to do to avoid those scrunched-up zip ends or ones where the lining is showing.

One of them required a whole half hour of unpicking (it was just about finished) when I realised the lining kept getting stuck in the zip. So lesson learnt!

My lovely friend Mary showed me how to make them a while back but as I’d forgotten, I also grabbed the chance to buy Elizabeth Hartman’s perfect zip bags pattern when it was on sale recently.

Elizabeth has lots of clever tips but also does some things which I haven’t bothered with again. So I do feel I am finding my own way.

I’m not sure why I’ve been so intent on mastering these, probably because they look so good when you do get them right and make such great presents.

Here’s what I’ve made so far for my kids. I’ve kept to basic shapes and single fabrics for ease and speed but there are lots of nice variations for scraps and pleats in the pattern.




2 thoughts on “Sewing up my Christmas List

  1. They are brilliant! I love the russian dolls one!
    Last year everyone got a zipper pouch from me! Men included! I was making a last minute one late Christmas Eve! So I think they are all hoping I got them out of my system!!

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