I was so excited to get back to dressmaking class tonight. During the week our homework was to buy our fabric. I went for this lovely grey. It’s quite pretty and delicate so hopefully I will get whisked off somewhere posh over Christmas to try it out.

20131118-213919.jpg Our other homework was to cut out our pattern pieces from the fabric. Even though I’ve done lots of cutting this was a bit nerve wracking! So much more fabric wasted if you make a mistake.

After tinkering with our machines for a while we got sewing.


20131118-214414.jpg So, tonight’s instalment of dressmaking school was all about darts. I’ve done a few darts and pleats in bag making but of course there were lots of new things to learn.

First job was learning how to do tailor tacks to mark out our darts. To you and me, these are loops of cotton hand sewn along the dart lines.

Lesley also showed us a simple sewing technique for keeping the darts nice and straight. As we couldn’t find any paper we used bags from the shop.


Before too long the front pieces of my dress top looked like this.

We all took turns to try them out on the tailors dummy. I’m not sure I’m quite as busty as her, so let’s hope it fits!

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