A Champion Dribbler

This week I got to meet my step-nephew (I think that is the correct term). He’s the little boy who I made the baby quilt for this spring. He’s now a lovely chunky 9 month old. When I knew we were going to be meeting up this week, I decided to do some spur of the moment sewing and make him a gift.
I’d heard via my mum that’s he’s a champion dribbler at the moment, so it had to be a bib (or two)!

I headed for some of the fabrics I’d used in his quilt, including some lovely soft Riley Blake flannel for the backing. I put some batting inside to hopefully make them a bit more absorbent. I toyed with the idea of waterproofing them inside but didn’t have anything suitable to hand.
20131129-074927.jpgI used a tutorial I found on Pinterest but decided to scale up the pattern a bit as the original looked a little small.
Here’s the sweet little chap modeling them.



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