Pin for your life!

Week 4 of my dressmaking course: The weeks are just flying by now. Tonight I spent the evening (trying to) insert my zip. This involved a lot of pinning.

20131202-212427.jpg I am slightly cursing my quite fine slippery fabric. Emily advised me to get fabric with a bit of structure and I can see why now. The first side of the zip went on ok

20131202-213819.jpg but the other side was fraught with puckering, seams not matching and general zip woe! 9 pm came round and I was left with 18 inches of zip to unpick for a second time. Pah! I will tackle it in the cold light of day tomorrow.

It is interesting to see how we are all progressing. At the moment Lisa and her tartan dress are nearly finished (although she did admit to doing extra homework). Lucy (polka dots) and I are at about the same stage. We’ve both had various bouts of unpicking. Then there is Angela (teal) who had just re sewn all her darts but is now just starting her zip. Then Bill (neon pink) and Harriet (tartan too) who are still attaching facings. In hope we can get to a degree of finished-ness to get a photo at our final class next week.

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