A Dress!

Hello to all my new followers from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. I really hope you stick around and enjoy my blog.

This week was the last week of my dress making course. Before the class I had to tackle putting in my zip. Which lead to a bit more of this

20131211-141633.jpg but eventually (thankfully!) I got it in with my seams lined up

So at this weeks class Lesley did some pinning to help us get our dresses fitting properly. Then we attacked them with the scissors, which was rather unnerving to say the least! I had to cut right though my lovely shoulder seams. It was all for a good cause and in my case to make the top half a bit shorter.

So here’s the final result and a little montage of some of the other finishes.


It’s been great fun and I’m fully determined to carry on and make some more clothing. My dress and I are off out on the town tonight!

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