All Change

There is something about the post- Christmas lull (after sitting in my backside eating for a couple of days ) and the prospect of the new year, that makes me what to have a clear out.

I’ve been mulling over changing my sewing space around for a while. I moved into the 3rd bedroom about a year ago. I thought having a designated sewing room would be wonderful but it’s not been all I’d hoped. Not enough room to cut on a table – so that usually happens on the floor, then I trip over the cutting mat going between my machine and the ironing board ! Also being upstairs has meant I’m reluctant to go up there in the evenings when my husband is downstairs. We do sometimes like to spend time together!

So I’ve made use of this lovely cupboard which used to be in my granny’s kitchen and until today housed all the kids craft stuff. The craft dept isn’t what it used to be now they are older. So no, i don’t really need an extensive stock of play doh anymore. Sad but true.

It was chaos for a few hours but it’s all swapped over now and we have a office/homework desk upstairs and I have a sewing space in the dining room. We threw lots of stuff out. I even have a pile of fabric to go (back) to the charity shop.

I’ll stop rambling and show you some photos.






the fun bit….


almost there……


ta da….


4 thoughts on “All Change

  1. That looks fabulous! I love it. I wouldn’t have my machine in that small of an area..I need more room, but…. I sure could use some kind of desk in my sewing room. This piece just gives your room such a “homey” and calm appeal. Would be nice to sew in here! You did a great job!

  2. What a brilliant cabinet to be able to use!
    I would never get any sewing done if I wasn’t based in the kitchen. At least then, normal life can go on around me, while I try and ignore it and sew!!!
    Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

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