Quietly Quilting

I am enjoying making some good progress on my low volume quilt. It’s the first time I’ve put together a quilt top layout myself and not followed a pattern or tutorial. Though what I ended up with didn’t always match the plan in my head. Like having to re-attach more sashing so I could do mitred borders. I wasn’t hugely annoyed about this as I was happy that the process was teaching me lots rather than the result being perfect. This is the finished quilt top:

I was planning for it to be a bit bigger but when I added more borders it just looked too much, so I’ve gone for a slightly useless size!

I had some trouble when I starred quilting. Lots of puckers and scrunching up. I unpicked about a mile of stitching and re-basted it.

It was much better after that but I concluded it was a combination of things:

Getting used to my new machines walking foot, which doesn’t like going fast at all. Going fast results in really uneven stitches. A thicker-fluffier batting than I’ve used before, which had a tendency to scrunch up. I solved this by lowering the feed dogs a notch but then this made it harder to control the quilt.

As my husband said: it wouldn’t be a proper quilt without a bit if heartache!

The rest of it has been great and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the cosy quilt texture appear. It’s a magical transformation; my favourite bit! I’ve even tried out some wavy quilting.

Some finished photos soon I hope or when the sun finally comes out!

3 thoughts on “Quietly Quilting

  1. I like your soft colors in this quilt. It takes time to get used to a new foot or machine. I am working with a new 1/4 inch foot on a new machine. Then I am going to have to get use to machine quilting with it.

  2. Loving the mitred corners!!
    my machine doesn’t like speeding with a walking foot, so I have to change the speed settings to stop myself putting my foot down and getting really small and nasty stitches

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