Falling off the Wagon in Style.

About a month ago after a fabric-buying blow out, I felt I needed to cleanse my overindulgent side and pledged to join fabriholics anonymous a group of sewists and bloggers who are fasting from fabric purchases.

So now it’s confession time. My husband has just returned from a work trip to New York and mentioned before he left (knowing full-well that I was fasting, naughty!) that he’d have time to pick up some fabric for me.

The opportunity to buy so cheaply from the USA, shipping & customs-free was too good to pass up!

I found this great little etsy shop called Pins & Needles


They very kindly organised a custom listing for me and my husband just went and picked up the big bag of gorgeousness! He also bought me a beautiful Japanese dressmaking book and the ladies at PIns & Needles put in a little bundle of surprise fat quarters.



I did think about putting it all away until July in an attempt to redeem myself but I think it’s a bit late for that!

I still hold true to my pledge to use what I have from my stash and I won’t be going out of my way to buy fabric for any specific projects unless I can use what I have. I just have a bit more to choose from now!

3 thoughts on “Falling off the Wagon in Style.

  1. If your going to fall, you need to do it in style!!
    You could not have passed up that opportunity, I’d have had him on a magical fabric shop tour!! You have a very well trained husband….

  2. At times like these it would be silly to waste the opportunity for the sake of a fabric diet. It’s for that very reason I said if I saw vintage sheets in charity shops I would still buy them because it’s not like I can go back in July and they’ll still be there waiting for me!

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