March in a Nutshell

March has been a good sewing month and started with a fabulous sewing weekend away.  During the weekend I made a lot of these for a secret quilt project. Today I sat down and finished a whole load more. I now have about 240 of them and worked out I still need to make another 100 to get enough for a large quilt. Back to the cutting mat.


another make (and finish) was my table runner

Other projects this month have been a birthday gift for my friend Susy. This is the unfinished version. The finished version (which I forgot to photograph) was nicely framed in an embroidery hoop. It’s is for her new sewing room. I really enjoyed making it and I’m definitely going to do more paper pieced hoop pictures.


I also whipped up a few infinity scarves from some free fabric from the Sewing Directory Exeter meet up at the start of the month.  It was very light cotton (not sure of the proper name) so no good for quilting. They are super easy to make and I ended up with so many I gave a couple to the other two sewing weekend ladies Emily and Mary.


I didn’t think I’d made much this month as life as been busy with work, college and kids.  There are still have a few days to go but it’s 9th birthday weekend in our house! I hope you’ve had a fun and productive month.

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