A Very Special Quilt

I started this quilt in earnest back in March. In fact the idea and initial cutting spree (until I got bored) was at Christmas last year. So it’s been almost a year-long project, with a the goal of being my Mum’s 70th birthday present.

I wanted to make something with the vintage sheet fat quarters I got through a swap and I knew that some of these prints would be wonderfully nostalgic to my mum.

I settled on the hourglass block after seeing Rita’s hourglass quilt and tutorial.
This is a double quilt, so there were a lot to make – 200 and something! (I guess I could have made them bigger!) I found a very handy labour saving half square triangle ruler on Amazon, which did help a lot.


and then to start sewing them all together. There were even some perfect points!



Then I sewed them into blocks of 12 in a rainbow-ish colour sequence



There was some basting agony (isn’t there always?!)


After our holiday to France and my sewing machine had made a trip back to the mothership for some attention, it was time to quilt!
I chose to do my favourite orange peel quilting. The curvy lines really helped break up the geometric look of the blocks and create these lovely flowers.


And then with the addition of some lovely vintage stripy binding (which you can buy here!) it was finished (yes the backing fabric is a very funky vintage sheet!)


My husband and I had a lovely couple of days in a Shepherds Hut in Somerset while the kids were my mum’s. This was the perfect chance to hand stitch on the binding in the cosy hut with the woodburner and enjoying the last evenings of summer. It was also perfect for photographs.



Today was her birthday and we presented her quilt, she was really thrilled  with it and says she can’t wait to put in on her bed!


I feel a bit sad now it’s gone!

10 thoughts on “A Very Special Quilt

  1. Wow! Hats off to you, that’s a lot of hourglass blocks! It’s a beautiful quilt and a labour of love, I’m not surprised your Mum loved it. Hope she had a lovely day.

  2. I love orange peel quilting too, this is lovely. I would probably go mad with all those quarter square triangles- was it the 45/90 Creative Grids ruler you used? That’s one of my favourites.

    You can always go visit…. your mum, and the quilt 😉

  3. Yes, lovely to see the pic of your Mum and kids opening the gift. She looks happy with it. I think I’ve slept under the same sheet as your backing at my Grandma’s house many years ago! Australia must have had the same sheet designs as UK. You were very patient with all the hour glass blocks and points. I get bored and drop projects at odd time too, often at the squaring up/trimming down stage.

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    • Hi Sharon. I look Around charity shops for vintage sheets. I also joined in a vintage fabric swap organised by another quilter, which gave me lots of variety.

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