Vintage Quilt Take Two

Last September I finished a very long quilt making project…..This Hourglass quilt made from vintage sheet fabric. It was a gift for my Mum’s 70th birthday. I’ve always said that I’d love to make another for myself.

Just before Easter, recovering from the flu and feeling a bit sorry for myself, we were heading away to a cottage and my husband suggested that taking my sewing machine might cheer me up (what a lovely man!). I’d already decided to make pinwheel blocks, so by the end of the week I’d made about 60.  I got to escape again a few weeks later on a sewing weekend with friends and the rest were made there. It was pretty labour intensive at times but having company whilst doing a boring repetitive job is always a good thing.

  I finished hand-sewing on the binding on another week away glamping during the May half term.

I totally love it (despite my whites and patterns being at odds with each other in a few places) and I’m thrilled to have it on our bed. The backing was another big double vintage sheet and good old candy stripe binding.

I quilted using my favourite orange peel quilting. I love the windmill effect this brings to each pinwheel.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Quilt Take Two

  1. It’s stunning Jo, well done for making another quilt so quickly. That last photo is really stunning, did you spend much time on the layout or was it random (in a good way!)?

    • Thank you Mary. I sorted them Into colour piles then picked one from each in rainbowish colour order. Sewed them into blocks of 16 (I think). Then played around with the bigger blocks until I got the colours fading nicely. I did the same with my mums quilt but this was on a larger scale. So I think the colours stand out more on this one. I didn’t manage to sew all my pinwheels in the same direction but never mind!

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