So this was my first project from the aforementioned bag book. It’s called the compact groceries tote.

It is very similar to some of the other roll up shopping bags I’ve made recently. I made it for my Dad’s partner Joy as a gift when i went to stay with them in France..
This one required a popper fastening, which I didn’t have, so I went for a sewn in elastic. It’s a longer thinner than the other bags and had some rather nicely curved handles. It was good sewing from a book, it meant I didn’t keep getting distracted by the computer every time I looked at the instructions! I
Love the apple fabric, perfect for a trip to the French market!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win this fab bag making book from The Directory website. This is not good news for a girl with too many bags already!

Do I need another bag? Well it seems I do because I just made this one!
I made a ‘let’s go to the park bag’ for my friend Jen a few months ago. I liked it so much I wished I’d made one for myself.

Some of the fabric Andy brought back from LA for me ended up being home decor fabric (which just means its heavier weight cotton). Perfect! AND I needed a stylish but roomy carry-on bag for my trip to France this weekend. All boxes ticked! I may even use it for the school-run in place of my sea salt bag, which about a dozen other mothers seem to own!


Just found this lovey floral St. Michael duvet cover in the kidney shop (my granny’s name for it). I’m really pleased because i saw a cute reversible skirt pattern I wanted to sew but didn’t want to spend lots of money on fabric to make it… This was only £1.99!