Go Anywhere Bag

My newest bag creation is the Go Anywhere Bag. The pattern is from the Noodlehead blog.

I’ve been chipping away at making this for a few weeks and have really enjoyed the process of seeing it come together. I love the lime, denim and grey (for the piping and lining) colour combinations.

I think this is my most hassle free bag so far (not that the pattern was perfect). Taking my time and my growing sewing knowledge meant this has turned out very nicely indeed!


Finnish Mirror

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a mirror for our bathroom for ages. This was only £3. I wasn’t sure if it was a bit of cheap modern plastic but on closer inspection it’s quite old and made in Finland, which makes it seem much more retro (and it goes really well with the walls!)

Yoga Mat Bag

Taking advantage of the peace and quiet at home today (kids at granny’s house) I decided to make a yoga mat bag. After going on a yoga retreat earlier in the summer and struggling on the train with my mat tied up with a scarf, I decided one of these was essential. I’d seen a few tutorials and the one I went for was excellent, really clear and simple. It was finished in under two hours. I used some home decor fabric I picked up locally in a sale. I love it!

Lost Fabric

Good things come to those who wait…my fabric arrived! Along with a customs charge, but at least it wasn’t lost forever somewhere between here and America. After deciding I’d never get this package, I ordered some more to replace it, sharing shipping with my friend Mary. That arrived this week, so i have double fabric joy!

Christmas sewing

Sewing again! I haven’t made anything since the middle of July and was starting wonder if I’d ever get my sewing mojo back!

A few reasons really. The kids have been off school and we’ve been away a lot. My sewing stuff has been piled in a heap in the corner of the room while my husband’s new office got built (think posh garden shed) and sadly a package of fabric I ordered from America never arrived. All these things have conspired to make me feel rather grrrr and blah about creating anything.

Now I am all moved into my new sewing space (husband’s old office) my machine is out, fabric stacked on the shelves and I’ve started on a few projects I’ve had in mind for Christmas (yes Christmas!) gifts.

Still feeling rather mournful about my lost fabric I decided the best way to start was with some scraps projects, which didn’t involve spending, buying, using any proper fabric.

I can’t show you’ve what I’ve made as that would spoil someone’s Christmas gift, so there is a close up shot above.