Zippy Pouches

This week I got together with my friends for (what is becoming) our regular sewing day.

This time we decided to have a go at zips. With my zip knowledge still in its infancy and Steph and Julia having never done them, we decided to go for something simple. I found this great little tutorial for Ear Bud Pouches.


As you can see from my photo below, the main challenge was not attaching the zips but sewing in a circle! (If anyone has any tips for this I’d be grateful). My second attempt on the right was marginally neater than the first. I drew around a cup so I had a line to follow but I still have a way to go before it even looks passable!


We were also a bit baffled as to why our first attempts at the pouches had turned out so small. Then after further investigation of some photos online we realised we’d sewn our fabric too close to the zip teeth. Such a small thing but it made such a difference to the size and shape!

I will keep trying at these and hope my children can find some use for the funny shaped ones in the meantime!